Deliver a home-like entertainment experience to your guests

Deliver a home-like entertainment experience to your guests

Travellers do look for convenience just to feel at home. With a few upgrades, allow your guests to watch their own content with a TV casting solution is a simple update that will drastically increase guest satisfaction.

Casting allows video, music or other content to play on a different screen or display. Unlike traditional hotel entertainment options like premium channels, pay-per-view or even smart TVs, casting lets guests use their own devices to play their favorite content on the in-room TV. Not to be confused with screen mirroring, which just displays the same content that’s playing on the device, casting designed for hotels allows guests to multitask and use the same connected device for work or social feeds.

Why do we need casting upgrade?

A, it’s easy. With casting, you have immediate access to preferred media and entertainment apps, without the painful process of logging-in using the remote. Use Wi-Fi to automatically pair the device to the TV, click ‘play’ and enjoy

B, it’s expected. Guests want to stream their choice and nothing less or more to it.

C, it feels like home. Casting allows guests to choose the content and the language most comfortable to them. Equipping guests with technology that connects to the in-room TV is mutually beneficial having them watch what they want.

D, it’s secure. Guests can securely stream their preferred media without logging onto a public device or downloading anything on their own device. For solutions built for hotels, there’s no need to worry about accidentally connecting to the room next door or being logged out upon check out. Guests don’t need to share passwords with the hotel (or even remember them.)

E, it’s cost-effective. Instead of paying for hundreds of channels or apps that guests may or may not want, casting lets guests bring their own content.

We know that guest expectations have changed, and they definitely look for a comfortable space.

By switching to NOMADIX TV casting, hotels can deliver a home-like entertainment experience to delight customers and keep them coming back, contact The Network Guide to know more !