Video Surveillance with Matrix SATATYA

Video Surveillance with Matrix SATATYA

The revolution in the work atmosphere has shifted from office space to work from home at various locations making it further prone to cyber-attacks. The demand for cybersecurity has raised by 20-25% from last year as per one of the sources of digital data.

One of the best ways to tackle database threats is by ensuring the security of every possible device. Network solutions need to be scaled up and should regularly discard legacy VPNs that are hardware-based in favor of cloud-agnostic. As it is known that the legacy hardware VPNs cannot constructively secure remote access which is policy based on on-premises resource and hybrid environments.

Most of the organizations are investing in cybersecurity. The need for cybersecurity is not only in the back office but with the rapid change in technology the cyber threats are also seen through IoT and many platforms where digital transactions are done. For threat hunting to be carried on 24*7 it requires highly skilled resources to look out for or the possible signs that indicate the threat. Below listed are a few of them:

– Any new programs which appear which out authorizing the installation.
– When system slows down drastically.
– Any odd pop-up ad.
– When the control of mouse or keyboard is lost.

One should be careful for the things we talked about before like dubious messages, malware, and so forth.

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