Telecom Products

Matrix Telecom offers business communication solutions that match the requirements of the modern-day enterprise. From most basic communications needs, like inter-office communications, outgoing trunk calls, and most advanced communication needs that require collaboration features like video calling, video conferencing, multi-party audio conferencing, and SIP-based IP trunking, voice mailing and other such advance enterprise-grade products. Matrix Voice Media Gateways allows enterprises using Analog and digital communication systems to leverage the benefits of IP telephony systems by acting as a bridge between digital telephony PBX and IP based communication.



Matrix IP based Unified Communication Server, a combination of hardware, SPARK200 and software PRASAR UCS. With IP-at-core, PRASAR forms the basis of a Voice over IP solution for modern day business enterprise that adapts to existing infrastructure set-up with ease. It is a unique single box office UC solution for small-medium & large enterprise, with same hardware for workforce strength varying from a small unit with 100 users to large enterprise up to 2100 users. It connects internal and external decision makers at multiple locations for effective communication and real-time collaboration.


SARVAM UCS ENT is a server software which runs on ETERNITY MENX/LENX– The next-generation hardware platforms. The next-generation platforms support up to 99 VOIP (SIP) trunks, 64 GSM ports, 8/24 T1/E1 ISDN PRI ports, 32 ISDN BRI ports and 128 analog trunks with up to 2000 UC users, 128 digital users and 512/1296 analog users. SARVAM UCS ENT is future-proof solution offering IP at core with seamless connectivity to all-pervasive legacy and new generation wireless telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1 and GSM/3G.


SARVAM UCS SME is server software, which runs on ETERNITY GENX – The next-generation hardware platform. It supports up to 99 VOIP (SIP) trunks, 40 GSM ports, 8 T1/E1 ISDN PRI ports, 32 ISDN BRI ports and 64 Analog trunks with up to 999 UC users, 96 Digital users and 240 Analog users. Both AC and DC power supply option are available.
SARVAM UCS SME is a future-proof solution, offering IP at its core with seamless connectivity to all-pervasive legacy and new-generation wireless telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1 and GSM/3G.


The modern growing organizations often face bigger challenges than those faced by established and large entities. These small-sized businesses need to be more agile and productive with limited resources.
With that idea, we present this modern Phone system that is tailor-made for small and medium businesses. Designed to maximize the reachability and accessibility of an organization, this device boosts productivity.


In today’s competitive business scenario, small business companies need an efficient phone system that can increase employee productivity, reduce telephony costs and provide high-end call management features. Matrix ETERNITY NENX is a next-generation IP-PBX system for small offices/businesses having up to 50 users. A small yet powerful IP-PBX, ETERNITY NENX provides all business class telephony features to be productive, look professional and enhance customer services.
ETERNITY NENX comes in a standard configuration of CO Lines with Analog extensions to fulfil start-up businesses essential requirements.


The product portfolio of IP Phones has a wide range from Enterprise, Executive to Premium IP Phones. It includes user-friendly and full-featured IP Phones to meet the needs of a business. SPARSH VP510E is one of the Premium IP Phone with pre-loaded all VOIP Phone Handset features to serve Business Office Phone’s purpose.
SPARSH VP510E places the benchmark for quality performance with a crystal-clear voice and elegant design. SPARSH VP510E features an LCD Graphical Display, Context-Sensitive Keys, Direct Station Selection (DSS) Keys, 32 Keys Expansion Module, Headset Connectivity, High-Quality Full Duplex Speaker Phone and High-Definition Audio Quality.


Traditional hardware based PBXs are slowly getting replaced by open server based telephony systems. This is largely because hardware based PBXs create hardware dependency, require manual upgradation and incur heavy wiring cost. Matrix has designed an enterprise-grade highly capable, durable, scalable and efficient Unified Communication Software solution – ANANT UCS. The hardware-independent platform provides customers with a choice to select a reliable server as per their requirement. With a range of enterprise grade calling features, it improves employees’ productivity and speeds up the decision-making process.


Matrix SARVAM UMG is a Universal Connectivity Media Gateway offering connectivity to VOIP, GSM/3G/4G, T1/E1 PRI, and POTS networks on a single platform. It allows users to make and receive calls transparently on all networks. It supports flexible and intelligent Least Cost Routing (LCR), leading to significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity. It allows enterprises to dynamically select one of the networks on a per-call basis for benefits of improved reach, reduced cost and enhanced quality of service. Matrix SARVAM UMG links an organization’s existing infrastructure to the new age communication networks ensuring right connectivity and least cost for each and every call.


With over 80% of corporations using Unified Communications, it is no surprise that softphones have a growing market. It essentially shifts all of your desk phone functionalities to your smartphone or desktop computer which makes your desks wire-free and clutter-free. Place or receive calls through the extended communication endpoints and give a chance to effective communication without the mess. Furthermore, Softphone offers additional features using your smartphone or desktop computer hardware that adds to staff productivity and easy call management.


SETU VFX series is a range of multi-channel VOIP – FXO and FXS Gateways. VFX series offer 4-8-16-32 FXO/FXS Gateways to connect TDM based telephony infrastructure to an IP network. For organizations that have already migrated to IP, SETU VoIP Gateways provides POTS trunking option. Ideal for legacy TDM phone systems, these Gateways offer access to new generation VOIP and benefits of low-cost long-distance calls.
Alternatively, SETU VFX series provides POTS (CO) network access for IP Phone Systems and Softswitches for local area connectivity.


Matrix serves diverse communication needs of customers with its comprehensive range of GSM Gateways. Matrix delivers cutting-edge technology GSM Gateway Devices, rich in features and functionalities. GSM/3G has emerged as a superior alternative to the fixed-line networks and offer wider coverage and cost benefits. Today’s businesses expect specific benefits from GSM/3G networks without sacrificing existing POTS connectivity. Matrix SIMADO GFX44 is a family of Integrated 4 Port GSM Gateways and 8 Port GSM Gateways, interfacing the GSM/3G networks with the wired POTS networks.


Matrix SPARSH VP710 is a Smart Video IP Deskphone built for business professionals to offer enhanced audio and video communication quality. The new touch screen IP Video Phone is the next step towards Unified Communication and deliver good quality audio calls along with video collaboration. This paves way for communication convenience and augmented productivity.
The IP Deskphone with Video Calling feature has built-in smart media features such as Internet Connectivity, Touch Screen Functionality, Multimedia Apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Detachable Camera and USB port.