Nomadix Cloud is one-stop command – Secure and Reliable

Nomadix Cloud is one-stop command – Secure and Reliable

The Nomadix® Cloud is your one-stop command center for all your Nomadix products and technology infrastructure. It allows hotels to manage:

  • Nomadix Gateway Fleet
  • Internet Bandwidth
  • Nomadix Products
  • Network
  • Hotel Portal
  • Conference Scheduling & Reporting

The Nomadix® Cloud is a unified solution that gives hotel owners, brands, and managed service providers (MSPs) greater control and visibility of their network capabilities and performance. Designed with industry-leading reliability and flexibility, it can be deployed and scaled from one to many thousands of properties.

The Nomadix Cloud offers a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of network management tools, including the Guest High-speed Internet Access (HSIA) Portal, Management and Reporting capabilities, Conference Room Scheduler, and the Nomadix Service Engine gateway. The HSIA is a template-based portal that can be customized for any hotel brand or MSP. A full range of access plans and authentication types is also provided and includes the powerful Passpoint, formerly known as Hotspot 2.0.

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