Matrix cosec time-attendance and access control solutions

Matrix cosec time-attendance and access control solutions

Employees are an essential asset of organizations hence to enhance productivity, organizations make a proper plan to ensure workers handle responsibilities at the right time like working hours, log in log out, off days, break time, and tasks efficiencies in individual divisions. To achieve this, the time and attendance solution helps you record this information. Nonetheless, read below on some of the rewards of using this modern software:

1. Track Non-Attendance
Helps you manage all types of absence effectively to reduce costs and increase productivity. A time and attendance system can be configured to follow a company’s policies and give indications of patterns of absence that may need intervention. Real-time and scheduled reports can empower HR teams and line managers to address any issues and easily deal with such cases.

2. Mitigate Proxy Punching
Time theft can incorporate everything from taking a more extended lunch than allocated or checking in for a buddy when they’re late to work. Irrespective of whether deliberate or harmless, time robbery can be ridiculous, and computerized time and participation frameworks prevent it inside and out.

3. Reduced Payroll Expenses and Paperwork
With current programming, workers can check in or out using either a biometric scanner or cards depending on the process an organization chooses to utilize, it records and monitors by dispensing manual calculations, maintaining office stationery, reduce mistakes, and eventually lower payroll expenses.

4. Integration with other applications
Time and attendance systems can easily be integrated with other applications like an installed access control system that monitors and records in/out activity, helping the organizations track employees seamlessly.

5. Reports and Database
You can generate a report at the touch of a button. The system allows you to configure a group of reports that can be pulled whenever needed, and dashboards can be set up to see live data on all of the metrics that are important to your business.

With today’s modern technology, many workplaces are shifting from manual timekeeping procedures that are restricted to payroll gaps and multiple spreadsheet checks. Organizations are shifting to new time check techniques to monitor staff work hours and promising next-level workflow.

Matrix COSEC provides customers with an option of choosing between an on-premise solution and a cloud-based solution.