High Security Redefined with Elegance only with ARGO

High Security Redefined with Elegance only with ARGO

Matrix’s COSEC ARGO – brings you high security and productivity. It can be seamlessly integrated with Time Attendance, Access Control, Job Processing & Costing, and Cafeteria Management.

Its Uniqueness lies in its being pan-organization access control software and a universal time attendance management solution. It runs in geographically spread offices of transnational organizations synchronizing their processes. It is easily accessible through a web-based interface, this makes usability, monitoring, and administration easy for all users of the software. Only a computer with a browser hooked to an Internet connection is required and business can go on as usual.

Key Features

  1. Multiple Credentials – Optical Fingerprint Sensor, Multispectral Fingerprint Sensor, RF Card: Mifare, HID iCLASS & EM Prox and PIN
  2. Advance Connectivity – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, PoE/Ethernet, GSM/VoLTE
  3. Ultrafast User Verification
  4. Touchscreen Display and Modern User Interface
  5. Inbuilt Device API
  6. Tamper Detection

Redefine Performance Elegantly with Matrix COSEC ARGO today! Contact us to know more.