Look Ahead in 2022 with Nomadix !

Look Ahead in 2022 with Nomadix !

We’ve spent some time reflecting on 2020 and 2021, and while the last two years have been full of ups and downs, there is hope on the horizon. Our teams attended face-to-face events, new Nomadix kiddos were born, we’re hiring and we’ve seen glimpses of normalcy – finally! And while we are not out of the pandemic woods yet, coupled with the staffing shortages and shipping delays (I hope my thoughtful holiday gifts make it in time!), we all have an opportunity to make great strides in 2022 as we continue working together to move through the recovery. Industry predictions are starting to look better too, so we thought we’d share some thoughts from our executive team across themes in hospitality, our workforces and maybe most important – security.

With the ups and downs of the last two years, how can hotels prepare for the unknowns in the year ahead?

I believe the best investment would be in technology that supplements hotel staff and allows for the hotel to scale up and down, to meet market conditions, as needed, while always maintaining a high-quality guest experience in every situation.

-Ted Helvey, CEO

How can hotels partner with technology providers and MSPs to effectively create an effective 2022 roadmap?

2021 saw a significant pick up in travel – both for leisure and business. This trend should continue in 2022. However, the uncertain path of recovery will continue to weigh on the hotel industry. Hoteliers need vendors and MSPs that will help them get the most out of their current technology. Look toward tech that easily integrates with existing products. Work with vendors or MSPs that offer OPEX payment options. Be able to get the benefit of upgrading technology without the upfront cash commitment.

-Tammy Estes, CPO

What is the number one technology upgrade hotel guests will expect in their travels next year?

Casting from my personal device is the norm, not the exception. 74% of guests wish to stream from their device to watch their favorite programs, but only of 34% hotels offer this feature. There are over 200 streaming services available in the US. How many does your hotel need to make available to your guests? How many guests wish you had casting from their personal devices?

-Speleos Dravillas, CRO

What is the most important takeaway from this last year for future planning and management of hybrid teams?

In 2021, we’ve seen many companies making a long-term commitment to hybrid work. Giving employees choices for their “return to work” is important culturally – especially in this transition period where everyone is personally in a different place around their ability and desire to return to the office. Empathy on this will help to drive employee loyalty and retention in the future. We need to accept that going forward we will need to maintain a flexible work-from-anywhere environment and optimize our systems and infrastructure around that model.

-Linda Kahangi, CIOO

What is the top cybersecurity focus that companies should have for 2022?

Now more than ever with the dawn of the hybrid workplace, every business needs cyber security training and should commit to a fully monitored continuing training program. The trends and tactics of bad actors constantly change. We need to evolve ahead of them. Having a highly trained workforce enables many to spot those telltale signs, from social engineering to phishing attacks.

Beyond awareness and training, CISO’s need to work closely with product owners within the business and help them understand the importance of designing products that feature data protection by design.

-Dr. Chris Spencer, Group CISO

This article has been taken originally from Nomadix Website