Is video surveillance enough to keep threats at a bay?

Is video surveillance enough to keep threats at a bay?

Is video surveillance enough for your organization to keep away from threats. Matrix COSEC offers a smart solution that grows the safety of your properties. After this, we intend to shed some light on the Perimeter Security System’s much–required solution. It refers to barriers that are created to keep the intruders out of a particular boundary.

The system is very popular in the commercial also residential areas. Let us see how this constantly improves your perimeter security system and increases security.

Cognitive Analytics

The perimeter barriers are planned to give you notifications in case of any intrusion in a pre-defined area. These can also be triggered by other non-static objects as well. Therefore, smart instructions will help you reduce false alarms that are triggered by your perimeter security system. It provides audio, video, event reports, analytics report and determines the configured response for the scenario and what triggered it, and assist in decision making. 

Integration with Access Control System

A vital component of the perimeter security system is the access control system. The system ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the premises by limiting user access based on their rights, place, and time in an organization. With an advanced access control system, one can prevent or make it difficult for intruders to break in. Finally, it takes a snapshot of each entry punch that takes place during the entire day.

Integration with Peripheral Security Devices

As much as video surveillance helps you ease the risks, it would be half-finished without ancillary security devices that actually trigger the notification on any event.

To persistently improve on your perimeter security, you must inculcate devices such as motion detectors, intrusion alarms, fence detection alarms, infrared sensors to eliminate intruders from entering your premises. These devices trigger notifications to the authorized person based on the pre-defined area and timing assigned. As a result, the security personnel can control the situation in time. These devices can be integrated with the security systems using an I/O controller

Matrix Comsec assists in crafting a suitable system that meets your expectations. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, these solution providers haven’t failed over 1 million customers assuring that it’s the right investment for your future.

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