Indelible Guest Journey with Digital Transformation

Indelible Guest Journey with Digital Transformation

We are all focused to create the best guest journey around safety, efficiency, and technology with digital transformation. Let us show you how to embrace this flexibility and find new ways to transform the industry together. 

Nomadix’s latest eBook takes a look at how hotels still can deliver a modern, personalized, high-touch guest experience. It also includes an infographic of the latest contactless stats and a free checklist for updating and communicating your new safety protocols and provides opportunities to create a more contactless experience. 

Chapter 1: The Transition to Digital

Learn about why guests expect hotels to shift to a mobile-first approach and how to put guests in control of their experiences by leveraging their own devices. It’s no surprise that 90% of guests prefer a mobile app to in-person interactions.

Chapter 2: Pre-Arrival and Check-In

Explore the beginning of the guest journey and discover the importance of being transparent with guests from the moment they land on your website or listing. 

Chapter 3: In-Room and Amenities

The guest room and on-property amenities offer many opportunities for personalization and “contactless” engagement. Learn how your hotel can take advantage. 

Chapter 4: High Touch without the Touch

Only 22% of loyalty program members say they are very satisfied with the level of personalization they receive in the programs, but 87% of consumers are open to brands monitoring details of their activity if it leads to more customized rewards. Could you be doing more?

Chapter 5: What’s Next?

Embracing best practices for safety and contactless engagement now will lead to guest satisfaction in the future. The eBook then shares additional industry resources and a checklist to get started or that could inspire ideas.

Get in touch with The Network Guide and let us help you make the best guest journey one can experience.