How Cafeteria Management Solution is Helpful to Your Organization?

How Cafeteria Management Solution is Helpful to Your Organization?

Cafeteria Management is a smooth and chaos-free process for malls, public areas, food courts. You can integrate your cafeteria with a cashless ecosystem with meal planning and management. Apart from office workplaces, you can manage meals and use cashless payment methods. In big organizations, chaos follows during lunch hours thus, a robust centralized solution is required to manage all the hurry during lunch hours to support efficient operation.

Matrix COSEC’s Cafeteria Management is complete with management systems and interfaces for external food vendors, menus, meal plans, and billing features. Moreover, the physical kiosk placed right in your cafeteria will help you control prices, taxes, and the entire billing structure of a well-thought-out meal.

Now enable a fast refill and recharge in smart cards of your employees for easy payment.

Customize Menu and Bill
Securely Generate Reports
Item tracking to Prevent Wastage
Simplified Vendor Management
One System for Multiple Locations
Cashless Ecosystem, Fast and Easy to Use
Quick and Simple Reporting Interface

Matrix COSEC’s Cafeteria Management Solution is a cloud-based system that will be the best for your canteen regardless of the type and size of the canteen.

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