Go Cashless at your Cafeteria with Matrix Cosec CMM

Go Cashless at your Cafeteria with Matrix Cosec CMM

With all the distancing comes cashless cafeteria system of meal planning and management. This system is seamless and chaos free for offices, malls, public areas, food courts. Through this solution you can manage meals and use cashless payment methods.

In big organizations, chaos follows during lunch hours thus, a centralized solution is best to manage all the hurry during lunch hours to support efficient operation.

Matrix COSEC Cafeteria Management Module (CMM) is complete with management systems and interfaces for external food vendors, menus, meal plans, and billing features. Moreover, the physical kiosk placed right in your cafeteria will help you control prices, taxes, and the entire billing structure of a well thought out meal.

Benefits of Cafeteria Management:

• Eliminates Human Error in Accounting and Item Orders
• Increases Efficiency by Reducing Time and Cost of Planning
• Significantly Increases User’s Satisfaction by Authenticated Data
• Faster and Secure Process through Cashless Transactions
• Monitors and Analyzes Food Usage to Prevent Wastage
• Allows Admin to Focus on More Productive Tasks
• Allows Customization and Updating of Menu
• Reports for Faster Interpretation of Consumption

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