Get Smart Access Control by Matrix COSEC

Get Smart Access Control by Matrix COSEC

It is so convenient to have smart access from anywhere knowing that you’ll get an alert on your phone the second an intruder triggers your smart alarm. The capability to use and manage your devices from anywhere in the world using only your smartphone, the laptop gives you a thorough experience of remote access.

Benefits of Smart Access Control

Improvised security – remote access, live stream, intrusion alarm

Quality of life – easier access to the property improves life quality

Better customer experience – stress-free, easy access

Fewer costs – end-user self-automated, no physical labor

Easy installation anywhere – onsite network infrastructure, connected cloud system

Smartphone unlocking – smartphone apps, software, time-sensitive PIN, NFC cards/tokens, metal key 

To know more about access control systems by Matrix COSEC contact The Network Guide (TNG)