Exit of Panasonic -Opportunity with Matrix Telecom

Exit of Panasonic -Opportunity with Matrix Telecom

PANASONIC, which has been in the PBX business for long and is also well known for its solid products. The brand is planning to exit the PBX business by the end of 2022. Well, the market has changed a lot in recent years and hence it for sure is not surprising to many!

Regardless of the nature of the business, for any business to sustain development stands as a primary requisite.

Is there a need to panic if you are an affiliate selling Panasonic Telecom Products?

Well, certainly not if you are aware of the Unified communication market and Hybrid PBX business well. All you need is an organization like Matrix Telecom solutions products which are designed and manufactured in India, and are in the market from past 30 years. Matrix Telecom Solutions provide pioneering telephony systems that address the communication woes of a growing enterprise/business.

Ease-of-Use, enhanced productivity and dependable performance are some of the advantages of Matrix IP-PBX Telephony systems. Versatile, feature-rich and carrier-grade telecom solutions are built on cutting-edge technologies. Matrix Telecom Solutions including Unified Communications, IP-PBXs, Digital EPABXs, VOIP Gateways, GSM Gateways and IP Phones are marketed in 50+ countries through a global network of 2500+ partner.

What reseller/affiliates of Panasonic needs to is to contact The Network Guide Inc ( A value added distributor of Matrix Telecom Products in North America) to get more information on how we can support you with alternate product line.