Watch what you like in your Hotel Room with Nomadix

Watch what you like in your Hotel Room with Nomadix

Nomadix Casting lets guests o effortlessly and securely stream favorite media content from their mobile devices onto the in-room TVs with no need to log into these apps again. Guests pick what they want to watch on popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, and many more. Thousands of choices are accessible so guests are not limited to just the sources typically offered by other types of casting or streaming solutions.

Whether it’s to watch the latest Netflix episode, to work out, listen to music, or stream a business training video, guests with ease want to watch their own content without having to remember passwords or log onto a public device. They want a simple, secure, and seamless experience.  

Other solutions require guests to use the remote to choose from the limited apps available on the hotel TV and then slowly click each letter and number to enter their usernames and passwords for each app used. Then guests need to trust that the hotel will remove these credentials after they leave the property.


The automatic pairing of guest devices at properties leveraging a Nomadix gateway, simplified authentication using an on-screen QR code

Ability to use the mobile device for other functions while casting

Built-in reliability and security and customizable

Support for guest content from over 2000 apps including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and more

Easy-to-use, a web-based management platform

Contactless experience as guests use their own devices and avoid the remote

Supports numerous languages, iOS, and Android

For properties implementing Nomadix Casting as a standalone solution, guests can simply aim their cameras at the QR code to connect their mobile devices. After that, all they need to do is choose what they want to watch and select the casting button in the app of the content provider.

Nomadix Casting with The Network Guide (TNG) provides a consistent guest experience