No Server Required to Monitor Multiple Devices


Monitoring a surveillance system with a large number of cameras is always a complex task. Large number of cameras leads to multiple recording devices requiring a server to monitor them. This results in significant additional costs and complexities that come along with the server. The customer not only has to bear the fixed server cost but the recurring cost of maintenance, complexity of operating systems, cost of manpower for handling the server and separate set up for monitoring stations as well.

To save you from the trouble, Matrix brings you its unique alternative solution that allows you to monitor multiple sites without a server. Besides eliminating the costs associated with a server, it provides you with ease of use and simplicity of management.


  • No Server Required
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Ease of Monitoring
  • Ease of Management


No Server Required to monitor multiple devices

Matrix Video Surveillance, through its unique architecture allows you to view cameras from multiple recorders without a server. All the recorders, which are in the same network, can be connected through a master-slave configuration, and the output can be taken to any monitoring screen like a TV from the master device through an HDMI cable. The cameras from all the devices can then be viewed on that monitoring screen without a server. Moreover, Cascading of devices works even when the devices are of different types, that is, different models of HVRs and NVRs can be cascaded in one configuration.

Manageable at all ends

Cascading of devices is possible even if it’s a multi-site/multi-location system. In this scenario, a virtual LAN can be created for the devices. Moreover, cameras at different locations can be managed from multiple ends giving complete flexibility to manage them.

Ease of Use

In case of a server based system, everything has to be reconfigured in case of a power cut or a system reboot. In addition, it may not be possible to get the exact configuration again. However, in case of Cascading even during power failure, everything is pre-configured, which means whenever the power is restored the same configuration will be restored.